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Sie suchen das passende Stipendium? Es gibt zahlreiche Möglichkeiten, in Studium oder Promotion gefördert zu werden - nicht nur für Studierende mit Bestnoten.

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Die Kühne-Förderstiftung hat einen Preis für Lebensmitteltechnologen ausgerufen, welche Abschlussarbeiten mit Bezug zur industriellen Lebensmittel-Herstellung und Forschung anfertigen. Genauere Informationen entnehmen Sie den Anhängen:
Rahmenbedingungen der Preisvergabe

Barth-Haas Grants

bhgrants.pngSince 2007 the Barth-Haas Group confers grants to university students interested in relevant and innovative hop research. Hops research has made significant advancements in recent years and many of the mechanisms and applications in the use of hops are now being better understood. In the interest of promoting further research, the Barth-Haas Group supports the advancement of hops technology and confreres grants for the ideas of innovative hop research projects.

With these student grants, the Group is looking for relevant and innovative research topics dealing specifically with hops and hop products and their applications in the brewing industry. The group will confer up to five grants of 2000 € each to support eligible diploma/master theses (or similar) and up to three grants of 700 € each to support eligible term papers.

The final decision in awarding the grants is made by a committee consisting of the Managing Partners of the Barth-Haas Group and members of the Barth-Haas Scientific Team.

Applications (in English) with the titel for the project, name of the student, supervisor and relevant institute, describing the research idea, the current state of knowledge in this context, and a short description of the project and the timeline for it (in total a maximum of 2 pages) should be sent to me by May 31st.